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Christmas is coming up soon. Honestly, its another holiday to me. I'm not that big on it honestly. But i guess its the spirit of the seasons. *shrugs* I'll like christmas when there is a reason to like it.

As for my life right now, its same, been trying to get a job, but its rather hard since i don't know where anything is, and taking the bus is rather diffiuclut for me, since i still don't know where anything is. I need a job so bad too >.> Hopefully one day soon v.v

Kitsune no like Thanksgiving

It happened, yet again. I eat a simple meal, and i get sick to my stomach. And I mean it was bad, if it wasnt for emergeny peto I would have. The reflexes where kicking in for my stomach to purge itself.

On a funnier note, when I bought the peto, *giggles* it was following this order, : Condom, condom, condom, peto, lube, (forgot, forgot), shaving cream, razor. Bellow it was vaginal cream. XD Made me laugh really hard when I saw it. And that... >.> yeah. But anyway, seems like my body doesnt like this holiday. So... I'm just saying blah to this one too -.- See yas later folks.

Left 4 Dead, but always around.

Heh, I know, random title day. I honestly havn't had the urge to post anything since my last one, so I guess this is going to make up for it.
Winter has kicked in up here in the state of lube, and drama arouses, but dies rather fast.
Normal temps in the morning are roughly in the 28's, average highs of 50. Hell, i've traded in my normal ever present shorts for cotton sweats, and I'm still cold.
Also on a side note, I can bowl now, thanks to a late night bowl game that I went to. Sadly we (Kai and myself) have yet to get into the furbase of KY.
Though due to some problems, I don't relly consider myself one. I'm more therian then anything else. (and for those that want to comment, furs adopted theriansm, not the other way around) Its rather different. Honestly I don't feel any different, but at least there is one more dividing line between me and others. :P I'm different, can't help it.
On a happier note, I'm actually getting some designs going in my head for my own suit, possibly just a partial to have by AC, not sure if I wanna go full suit. Hopefully I can have it :P


Still alive D:

I'm still here folks, I've just not really had anything to talk about. Well, besides the desktop i've been using being swarmed with trojans that wont go away (curse you to hell MSN and your &$($^% security) might have to whipe it, alsot infected my two flashdrives, which wont clean off either, can't do anything abotu them, cause as soon as i format, they would just be infected again :/ so i'm boned otu of my electronics, cept for a new lappy I have, its good, needs more ram though.

And on a side note, KY IS COLD!!! Blue kitsune is turning unnaturally blue D:

Mmm... KY state of lube :D

As some of you know, and some don't know. I've spent the last 3 weeks in Kentucky. Wonderfully cold, dropped to 37 this morning. >will be a dead kitsune soon enough< I so hate the cold. As is, I spend my days walking house to house, checking cable lines for traps. Its so fun -.- Also, as in the title, yes, KY will now be known as the lube state XD.
Also, gays here are so open. I was going through a nice upkept neighborhood, and went up to one house that was flying a pride flag. I'm like, WTF. It was kind acool actually. Never thought i would see it. I loved it XD
Anyway, i know its been a while, so sorry for the delay in my postings. I've been a rather busy kit.
peace, love ya and all that jazz.
BTW, on a nice little side note, my stalker count is up to 19 >.> two of them females.

For the first time....

I've been actually horrified while watching a movie. i was raised on the horror films, watched one today, and I near about pissed myself. Quarantine, one of the newest Screen Gem films, actually made me jump. I wouldn't recommend watching if you have a weak stomach, kinda gorish. Made in the style of Cloverfield, though, so much better. Still worth watching. Make sure you bring someone along that you can hold on to, you'll need a paw to crush.

well this night was soo worth it

Shameless product placement :D
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